Super Flea

by Wood Bois

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An album to commemorate the greatest place on earth, the Super Flea in Cheektowaga, New York. The Super Flea closed because Walmart is a bunch of dipshits and not in a good way. The different styles found on the record reflect the diverse selection of product and services you could find at our former stomping grounds.


released September 22, 2014

All tracks written and recorded by Wood Bois.


all rights reserved



Wood Bois Buffalo, New York

Wood Bois are a 3 piece from Buffalo, NY consisting of three beautiful and strong tough men. Originally drawn together by their mutual love for Enya, the Bois (as they're called worldwide by their throngs of fans) are taking earth by storm.

"...a clever combination of indie goth electro a la The Drums and the joking nature of The Flight of the Concords," says the press.

You're gonna love it!
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Track Name: We Are Robots
Oh boy today
Gonna have some fun
Oh boy today
I don't wanna get shit done
I wanna have some fun
I wanna mess around
Wanna have some fun
Have a sack of fun
People moving back and forth outside my window now
I wonder where did they come from
I want to go outside and ride my bike and have some fun
But i gotta get my homework done

We are robots
Doing our homework

Calacucus (calculus)
and Bioliology (biology)
I gotta get it done
I gotta buckle down
Gotta get it done
Graduate on time
Sitting and dreaming of ditching homework
and going out and having fun
but even if i wanted to i can't rebel
Because i am mechanical

We are robots
Doing our homework

My father told me when I was five
You better do your homework son
He came up to me and he threw a book at me
He say you better get it done
But that day when he hit me with a book, you know i thought that I was dead
But when I woke up out of that coma
You know what my father say
He said

We are robots
Doing our homework
(robots in the dark
and then we clap
and the lights go back on
cuz we have one of those lamps
on off on off on off
doing our homework
we don't wanna do our homework)
Track Name: Power Outage
Yo what's up jabroni?
You like this ride? I know you do (bad idiot laughs)
Wait til we get back to my place bro
You're gonna love my set up dude
I just dropped 5 G's last week upgrading that shit
We're never gonna be bored

I got 3D TV's
I got projection screens
I got movies on DVDs (blu ray)
Five different cable providers
1,225 channels of premium content
Lots of porn
Lots of sports
But even more porn
Stereo surround sound doorbell
You feel like you're in the doorbell
Oh my, I've never been in a doorbell before
Hey dude, come with me
hologram technology
Tupac and Biggie in front of me
How come i can't start this thing

Oh oh oh oh oh oh no
It is a power outage
There is a no way to charge my phone
It's a power outage

Let's go for a walk now
Check up on the neighbors
see if they have power
Or a generator
We can borrow
For an hour
til the power
til the power
Comes back
come back
come on
come on

Oh oh oh oh oh oh no
It's a power outage
There is no way to charge my phone
It's a power outage

(I want the power back on)
I miss dvds
'I miss mp3s
I miss cds and casettes
Vhs, porno sex, its' the best
I miss internet
I'm in such bad debt
I shouldn't have paid my tax check on that tv set
3d makes me nauseous
God i'm such an asshole

Dear god, I promise if you turn the power back on I won't use cheat codes anymore. I'll beat the games the way you intended them to be beat. Please, please just turn the power back on. Please, God
Track Name: MARIO!!!
MARIO! (3x)
NO I wanna be Luigi!

He can run fast
He can jump high
When he eats some mushrooms
He can touch the sky

But I'm Bowser
I'm fuckin Bowser
I'm Bowswer
I'm fucking Bowser
King Koopa

He's got a red hat
and a mustache
when he gets a flower
he's gonna burn your ass

I've got a hundred coins
I've got an extra man
I'm sliding down some green ass tubes
As fast I can

I'm Bowser
I'm fuckin Bowser
I'm Bowswer
I'm fucking Bowser
King Koopa

You've got a hundred coins
I've got a hundred more
You can't hang with me playa
I got the high score

You're just a little dude
You're way out of my reach
While you're looking for mushrooms
I'll be with Princess Peach

It's my game
so just go home
it's my game
that's why i'm always mario
I'll call your mom now
to pick you up
if you don't play as luigi
I will kick your butt



K to the I to the N to the G
You fuckin fuckers can't fuck with me
Got a rock hard shell and some spiky shit
What's that below you it's a lava pit
Ate some shrooms and i'm high on purp
You fuckin fuckers are gonna get hurt
While you're burnt I'm gettin turnt
Got your princess on my lap and she's goin slurp

I'm gonna beat this game
there's nothing you can do
Bowser you can't stop me
I'm not afraid of you
We're gonna beat this game
there's nothing you can do
Bowser you can't stop us
We're not afraid of you

Gotta get out of this dungeon
Gotta get out, gotta get out
Gotta get out of this dungeon
Gotta get out gotta get out

I beat Mario
Hell yeah I beat Mario
Damn right I beat Mario
Now i wanna play as Luigi NO!

That game sucked
Yeah I know
Track Name: The Dipshit Anthem
Allow me to take a second to say
On behalf of us all
You are truly a dipshit

Oh yeah, you're a dipshit
You're a dipshit
Yes you are

Yes you are, yes you are, yes you are

Take plenty of pictures so your friends will know

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